The Cost Of Being An Escort


The escort industry is one that has been in the market since the foundation of the earth. Many of us look at the lives escorts live and desire to be in their position. Unfortunately, very few people if any take time to consider the cost one pays to remain active in this industry. As we all know, many communities have a very negative attitude about escorts. Therefore, surviving in this industry takes a lot of courage and strong will.

There is also a lot Mumbai escorts wish they would let the world around them know. Some of these are listed below;

1.    They suffer rejection

According to the way a woman is created, there is a strong desire of being loved and appreciated. However, due to the nature of work Mumbai escorts do, this has been the norm of the day. These girls are very confident and always smiling. But the truth is, sometimes, they put on a plastic smile to ensure they give the best services to their clients.

In the real sense, their hearts are bleeding inside longing to be loved and accepted by the society. In the same way people sit down to discuss about their careers, Mumbai escorts wish they would do the same. This has however remained a dream that might take very long to come true.

2.    They desire to have families

There are different types of Mumbai escorts but most of them don’t have families. Although the housewives’ escorts are married and have families of their own, they run this business in secret. It will take great challenge to sit down with a spouse and confess that you work as an escort. Therefore, the singles have been forced to remain single until the time they’ll be ready to retire from this field.

Unfortunately, most of them retire when they are already too old to get married. This has led to many single moms in this industry only for the few who have managed to have kids. Others live all their lives without experiencing the beauty of being a wife and a mother.


The simplest solution to the pain and suffering that Mumbai escorts go through is social preconception. The day the society will be able to embrace this industry as a normal career, this will be the happiest day for these girls. It will also be easier for many governments that have not yet legalized it to do so.

Date: November 19, 2021